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Lisa Herchenroether: Director 💜

Superstar Consultant


My Story

Hello~I was first introduced to Scentsy back in 2012 by my sister when she bought me my first mini warmer, which I still have! I had been a loyal customer since that time with many of the warmers around my house and many more wax bars. In 2016 our son Grant left for college and moved to Maine. I was looking for ways to fill my time, most of which had me designing spaces for our home renovation company and decorating for our home staging business that I still do today with my husband George. While looking to grow our companies and wanting to step out of my comfort zone, I decided to blend my love of design with my love of Scentsy and I jumped into this next chapter as a Scentsy Consultant and joined June 28, 2020!

This journey, which initially was to support my Scentsy habit has turned into a full blown career and I love it!! I am currently a Director with a total of 29 teamies; and always looking to grow and help my teammates grow as well!. I have not only been blessed with opportunities that I did not think I would ever achieve, but I have also been blessed with an extended family of AMAZING individuals that I otherwise would have not ever known.

Please join me throughout this venture. I look forward to growing with this wonderful company and I can only accomplish that with your help! If you would like to hop on board this ride with me I can promise you that I will be with you during the ups as well as the downs and we will enjoy the ride together...lets go!! LETS DO THIS!!

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